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    January 2, 2016 by Starlingeyes

    During the apprentice's warrior ceremony, two major virtues of the apprentice are listed; the first is usually (but not always) courage. Some examples of virtues (and the warriors they described):

    • Bravery - Berrynose,[7] Bluestar,[11] Cherrytail,[12] Cinderheart,[13] Dustpelt,[14] Firestar,[15] Graypool,[16] Graystripe,[15]Lilyheart,[17] and Thistleclaw[4]
    • Courage - Brambleclaw,[18] Briarlight,[19] Brokenstar,[20] Cloudtail,[21] Ivypool,[22] Lionblaze,[13] Poppyfrost,[23]Raggedstar,[24] Rockshade,[25] Sandstorm,[26] Sharpclaw,[27] Snookthorn,[28] Sorreltail,[29] Sparrowpelt,[30] Spiderleg,[31] Squirrelflight,[8] Stick,[32] Willowbreeze,[16] and Yellowfang[33]
    • Cleverness - Willowbreeze[34]
    • Dedication - Lilyheart[35]
    • Determination – Brackenfur,[3…
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  • Starlingeyes


    December 23, 2015 by Starlingeyes

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    Based off of : Vicki

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