Time Devourer
Time Devored
Original Pic by Eucalyptus-Splash
Rank or Companion position Not available
Cause Of Death Not available
Mate Not available
Physical attributes
Based off of Not available
Current Residence The Universe
Description Like a wolf, but translucent with bright red eyes and large teeth. Can assume the form of a cat.
A Time Devourer is a corrupted Time Lord. It is unknown how the corruption begins, but it is thought to be from isolation or self-greed.

Vow Edit

Watashi wa anata no tamashī o kizutsukeru sasayakidesu. Watashi wa jikan o ubau monodesu.


I am the whisper that corrupts your soul. I am a Time Devourer.

Trivia Edit

  • Scondeles was the first Time Devourer, but was soon followed by his Chapter. This happened after Frost's betrayal, and it's believed that these two events are linked.
  • Rassilon found way to become one without corrupting his soul, and this was in order to find and kill his younger brother/sister Long Branch. Many Time Lords practice this today. However, these two forms may believe that they are both separate from each other.
  • This may have happened to Borusa once, as he spoke of it before his death from witchcraft. He may have survived it, as there is only 1 percent chance of survival after corruption.