The Master
The Doctor
Decribed as Varying, regenerations usually jet-black or gray
Clans and or/Tribes DeathClan
Clan leader of The Frozen Allegiance
Aliases Spiderclaw, Hawkstar

Info Edit

Once The Doctor's closest friend (or possibly, brother), a fallout between the two caused them to be mortal enemies of each other. He became the mate of Chime, although unknown to him, and was believed to be the father of Gingerfang, but this has been dismissed as Gingerfang has be revealed as the daughter of the Doctor's son Swirling River.

After the Doctor left Gallifrey, he tried searching for him, but didn't encounter him until his enemy's third regeneration.

Trivia Edit

  • He took over the body of Tremas, which as you should notice, is an anagram of Master.
  • He now is a she-cat called the Mistress, or Missy.
  • He became President sometime in Gallifrey's early history. He is either the fifth,sixth, or seventh President of Gallifrey.