Split-regeneration is the instance of one Time Lord regenerating into two different forms. This can be natural or forced, due to the circumstances.

Instances Edit

  • Gryphon, the first President of Gallifrey, may have had a split-regeneration in his second life, as he received visions of places he'd not recognized, although this has not been proven.
  • Rassilon figured out the way to force a split-regeneration, and tried it on himself at one point in time, but this may have caused his slow ascension into madness.
  • The Shalka and War Doctors were one split-regeneration. This may be due to the Eighth Doctor's temporary revival, though this wasn't proven.

Trivia Edit

  • Split-regenerations can fail, as with Rassilon when he attempted it on his half-sister with alchemy, and she died three days later.
  • One or both cats may have visions of what the other is doing. Or, in rare cases, neither of the two are aware of another.


Gryphon, Rassilon


Shalka and War Doctors.