Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard
Rank or Companion position Former leader of the Prydonian cats, first leader of SnowClan
Age 200,000 years at death
Mate Unknown
Physical attributes
Based off of Unknown
Current Residence StarClan
Description Leopard spotted tabby with blue eyes

Info Edit

First leader of SnowClan, Snow Leopard received an omen to leave Gallifrey along with Autumn Leaves (Autumnstar), Ember Claw (Emberstar, or the Master), Amber Claw (Amberstar), and strangely, the Doctor (although he'd left Gallifrey at least a hundred years beforehand).

She is the mother of Purple Rose, making the Doctor her son-in-law, and she helped the Doctor take care of Chime and Swirling River when Purple rose had died, and Ginger when Chime died.

Trivia Edit

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