Shalka Doctor
The Doctor
Decribed as silver tabby with green eyes
Clans and or/Tribes TimeClan
Clan leader of TimeClan
Companions Moss

The Master Moongem

Other traits Premonition (caused by split-regeneration with the War Doctor .)
Aliases Timestar
Preceded by 8th Doctor

(Split regeneration with War Doctor)


  • Although the Storm Prophecy was all a dream by the Thirteenth Doctor, every event of the Time Forest Massacre did happen.
  • The magic he was using while revealing Firefoot's killer, was either animus magic, or some form of alchemy. As the Doctor had shown no prior use of it in any of his appearances, but had knowledge of it, it was most likely some form of alchemy.
  • The Doctor jumping off of a cliff after taking a patrol there, told his warriors that he was doing that to request AmberClan's help; however, as he didn't reply when an AmberClan patrol cat asked him, it is most likely that he was trying to take his own life.