Undertale Fan
Rank or Companion position Kittypet, friend of the Doctor
Cause Of Death Not available
Mate None really, but on several occasions she has remarked that the 10th Doctor was her 'Senpai'
Physical attributes
Based off of Request Character
Current Residence TimeClan


Description Ginger she-cat with green eyes

History Edit

Abolish the storm Edit

Ruby is shown in the TARDIS after Sparrowfang screams that something had ripped Ruby's face off. Ruby walks in, wearing a mask, and tells them that she is Sans. To prove that it was really her, Ruby temporarily takes the mask off and shows them. The Doctor tells her to come with her (and Sparrowfang to watch the TARDIS) and Ruby squeals in excitement.

The Doctor tries to explain his Tribe's meaning, but Ruby grows bored and wanders off, turning out to scare the Doctor's Tribe members. Then, in the next scene, Ruby is at the cave entrance, acting like a dog. She stops when the Doctor mouths, "Stop it." at her.

After the Doctor receives the Storm omen, she wonders aloud about the meaning, then disappears.

Ruby walks in as the Doctor is wondering about the Hawk Omen. He asks what she wants, and she wonders where the herb store is. He tells her that is is near the cave entrance, and she goes there to scream at a dandelion (Stress reliever, as she calls it).

As the Doctor is warning her about the storm, she disappears with a regretful look on her face to a cavern with other Tribemembers.

She later discovers after the storm that there was a cave-in.

The Doctor did wonder about her and called her name to get her attention by calling her name even though he knows she won't hear him, but she may have sensed him calling her.

Then later the Doctor mentions her, saying that she has given up on him.

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Wolves of Sisterhood Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The Tenth Doctor is her 'Senpai' as she mentions to Sparrowfang at one time.
  • She may like the Thirteenth Doctor, and it is rumored that she's expecting his kits. This was later to be proven false, as The Storm Prophecy was a dream by the 13th Doctor)
  • The Twelfth Doctor is said to hate her on several occasions, but that's because she reminds him of his granddaughter.
  • (May be murdered by a Wolf.....Maybe.......Most Likely)
  • She was a request character by Lilian-Nightshade.

Quick info Edit

  • Ruby is an Undertale fan and likes to fangirl about it a lot.
  • She is a close friend of the 10th and 12th Doctors (She has never met the Doctor in his 11th regeneration)
  • She is a daylight warrior of TimeClan, and spends most of her day wandering Time Forest. Please note that she likes to scream at random things for no apparent reason, usually out of the blue.