The Great Famine of Time Forest or Fire Famine was a Clans-wide famine that took place at the end of the First Doctor's life. The Famine was the worst out out of all the Time Forest Famines, as it caused many deaths.

Deaths From the Famine Edit

TimeClan Edit

  • Rainflower
  • Quietstep
  • Firesun
  • Whitepaw
  • Snowpaw
  • Streakkit
  • Bluekit

EmberClan Edit

  • Spiderfoot
  • Whitekit
  • Amberkit

AmberClan Edit

  • Lightstar
  • Clawfeather
  • Whisperpaw
  • Quickpaw
  • Amberpaw
  • Whitekit

SnowClan Edit

  • Firestreak
  • Darkfeather

AutumnClan Edit

  • Whitedew

Total Deaths: 25

Trivia Edit

  • The First Doctor came to TimeClan to say his goodbyes, dying from old age. Unfortunately, when he'd come there, already weakened by old age, the famine that was going on made his health worse.
  • Barkleaf died shortly after trading herbs with Moongem.
  • It was the worst in TimeClan, as it claimed 13 lives, more than any other Clan.