Fire of Rising Sun
Fire of Rising Sun
Loyal Dragon-Cat In The Tribe of Singing Stones
Rank or Companion position Cave-Guard
Cause Of Death Not available
Mate Not available
Physical attributes
Based off of Request Character
Current Residence TimeClan
Description ginger she-cat with dark red dragon wings

Fire of Rising Sun Edit

She was abandoned by her mother at the cave entrance of Tribe of the Singing Stones, when the Sixth Doctor found her and adopted her into the Tribe. She later became his companion at the end of his twelfth regeneration and traveled with his dream incarnations in his thirteenth and fourteenth incarnations.

Trivia Edit

  • Fire's parents are unknown, but are rumored to be the grandkits of the Sixth Doctor and Peri, as they look like Willow(Peri's daughter).
  • She started out as a prey-hunter, but proved herself more worthy of guarding, and she's enjoyed her position ever since.
  • She is a request from IronBear49.
  • She was killed by Pandora, but revived by the Doctor, thus in effect making her immortal, but this was contradicted, as this was a dream, and Fire has a normal lifespan of any other cat. She was never killed by Pandora.
  • In the DremWorld, The Doctor didn't mean to revive Fire, but his tears did.