Rank or Companion position Quartz Wolf High Animus
Cause Of Death Not available
Mate Not available
Physical attributes
Based off of Request/RP Character
Current Residence Unnamed Wolf Planet (Possibly early Gallifrey)
Description Gray with Quartz-Purple tinge

Erlin Edit

Erlin was born to a highrank animus, and it was always thought that he would succeed his parents as one. But when he discovered that he was an animus wolf, he kept it a secret as he knew his soul would be in danger from too much magic usage. He ended up working for a Quartz PrisonKeeper named Meave, before being released by The Shalka, Thirteenth, and Twelfth Doctors

History Edit

In Wolves of Sisterhood Edit

Erlin is mentioned first when the Shalka Doctor was captured and thrown into a cage. He is staring at the Doctor with a smirk on his face, until Maeve calls him back.

When he is insulted by the Doctor, Erlin growls at him, threatening to rip his head off to 'make their IQ even'.

After the Doctor threatens Maeve and Erlin once more, Erlin grows frightened, only to the Doctor's content, then tenses, calling the Doctor's bluff.

After Ruby arrives, although not mentioned by name, Erlin is backing into the cage, even more fearful.

Maeve deserts, leaving Erlin alone with the Doctors and their companions. After this happens, Ruby goes crazy, and Erlin grows even more fearful, asking what was happening.

Fire grows angry at Erlin, demanding what he had to do with capturing the Shalka Doctor, but he tells her that he was forced to work with Maeve, saying that she was the one in charge and she was running things.

After the Twelfth Doctor left to find the Quartz Wolf alpha, the two remaining Doctors and their companions take Erlin prisoner. Fire asks for Erlin's name, and he gives it to her. Fire remind Erlin not to try any antics, indicating that Ruby was always close by.

Fire returns to defend Twelve, with Ruby and Thirteen scaring off the two Quartz Wolves

Trivia Edit

  • Animus means a strong dislike or enmity[1]
  • Erlin is a RP character by IronBear49

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