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Rank or Companion position Leader of DeathClan
Cause Of Death Not available
Mate Dyn (possibly)
Physical attributes
Based off of Add-on Character
Current Residence DeathClan
Description Black she-cat with odd eyes

Aquafinity Edit

Aquafinity was once a nice cat, wandering the streets of Twolegplace and sometimes into Heather Clearing, where she would relax her paws.

That all changed when she met the Doctor. Her friend, Adder, was kidnapped and controlled by the Daleks, until he died, succumbing to the mind control.

The Doctor took her to Skaro, where they met and defeated the Daleks. A rouge Dalek killed her, but the Doctor brought her back to life, imprinting his extended lifespan onto hers, but it went wrong, making her, in effect, immortal.

When she discovered that she'd suddenly been left behind by the Doctor, she swore revenge that she would find him again.

Even if it meant going through all her hardships.